Enclosed trailer setups

just wondering if you all have some pics of inside your trailers? I worked on mine yesterday and got some of the exhaust figured out and stuff mounted but have a few little odds and ends to work on but i am operational

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Looks good. There are a few threads here that show trailer set up b

Look for pictures of Len Sutton’s rig…

You’ll drool.

This is my first hot water unit and I’m a bit worried about the burner exhaust. I have read that not having it properly vented can cause sooting problems so does that setup i have look like it will be ok once i get it all secure and sealed up? i plan on having the motor exhaust piped into it as well and for it to pivot to be able to close the door and move on the the next job.

I like the exhaust. Is that a register fitting?

i believe so lol its pretty thick so figured id get a few months or year maybe out of it. It was only like 7$ at ace hardware and i modded it to fit the curve of the burner. Its 7’ so that should be enough so allow all exhaust to flow out. Only regret i have is buying black piping because i would imagine its gonna burn off and smell.

Looks good. How big is your trailer? Do you have one or two axles on it?

It’s a 6x12 tandem axle dark gray and once I get the ball rolling ill get graphics put on it

This is my rig, Follow the link to see the pics. Facebook

All ready for 2020 season.


Ok, necro thread but I’ll post my disaster.


Just wanted to give an online tool that I’ve been using to ‘virtually’ build my enclosed trailer setup to test different layouts and see how I can distribute weight so the trailer is balanced correctly. It’s called TinkerCad.com. It has helped me tons to get different ideas of what tank sizes and layouts are best and where I can put stuff. You can edit the size of any shape down to the inch so you can an accurate represent a build.

Hopefully it will help people make less mistakes on builds so they know what will fit and what won’t.

For instance, this is a enclosed 7x14 tandem axle. The yellow container is a 100 gal of SH, the blue is 100 Gal water tank, the tall brown rectangle is my stacked reels, the grey block behind the tanks is my hot water unit… test ideas, move things around. Hope it helps!


If you build some sturdy shelves you can free that floorspace.