Looking for pricing help on this emergency room carport, retaining wall, and parking pad (all concrete). Also, suggestion on cleaning the metal paneling above? I don’t think any of it is nightwork, but we’ll need a watcher, as it is an active ER. Can do in sections throughout the day. Nothing has been done recently. Hot water make a big difference for speed on this concrete? Thanks in advance

I’m thinking 2 grand. I’m thinking abou 10-15 man hours, depending on well it goes. Hot water always helps concrete, but you might want to consider using some sort of soap as well. I would try EBC. Wish I could answer the medal part for you, but never washed metal yet.


That is a nice job. I will say this and take it for what its worth. Figure your man hours. And DOUBLE them. An active ER and I don’t care what time it is; ITS ACTIVE. Trust me when I tell you it will slow you down tremendously. On top of the ambulances you will have police to deal with, etc… Will you or are you planning on a lift? That will cost you a day right there. Make sure you have a clause in case the ER/ Hospital has to reschedule so you don’t lose money on the lift…

I did one job years ago and a car skidded right beside me. Two patients in the car were DOA. Crack cocaine in the back seat. The driver was arrested after he tried to drive off but he was so high he only drove 100 feet then pulled to the curb where I was cleaning and passed out. That was enough for me…

We clean windows for nine hospitals, and you’re absolutely right; things get crazy fast. What would you recommend for the metal paneling above?

Couple extra pics of the metal. Just brush it down, or some type of soft wash? The black dirt comes off on your hands. I’m concerned about the caulking in the seams between the metal panels; very loose. Any ideas on a chemical, or method of application? Thanks