Embracing your Industry magazines- "eClean and Cleaner Times"

My company has been very fortunate to have had a couple of past cover stories in both eClean magazine eClean Magazine | The professional contract cleaner online resource and The Cleaner Times [url=http://www.cleanertimes.com/]Cleaner Times Magazine. I have the utmost respect for these Industry type magazines who go out of their way to promote us and sometimes tell our stories.

I feel blessed to have been able to do 2 volunteer jobs which these magazines thought were news worthy. The first one was the PWNA “Clean Across America job” that consisted of many cleanings across the country such as a Ronald McDonald house and people in need houses that were cleaned. These were done by many different contractors. In my case along with 12 other contractors we decided to give back to our “American” pastime which is baseball. That’s how I ended up on the cover Cleaning the roof of the baseball hall of fame stadium Doubleday Field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The other story that’s close to my heart is the Babe Ruth Cleaning that was put on the Cover of eCleans magazine. I am so indebted to Allison Hester who understood the passion I felt. This story is far from over and I hope one day to have Allison Hester finish this story. You just never know when your time comes and these Industry type magazines want you to tell your story so others can benefit from them.

Embrace your Industry magazines because they do embrace us.

Very nice stories John. Mine is maybe not so important but we did get a picture of Zach on the cover.

That’s awesome Tim. Someday you might make the cover

Smarty, I was the ground man on this job. I did climb the ladder to the second floor just to remind myself why I don’t climb ladders anymore. That stuff is for you young guys.

To have your son on the cover I can’t think of anything more exciting then that Timbo :slight_smile: Its great to have a working relationship with Allison who is so compassionate and also has an eye for some excellent Industry stories.

I got to hand out with Charlene and Chuck of Cleaner Times (I even made Chuck take a picture with me) a couple of weeks ago at the CETA convention in Las Vegas. That was the first time I’d seen Charlene since starting eClean, and while it was admittedly a little uncomfortable for a moment – it was a very brief moment. (We even ended up having lunch together in the airport on the way home.) In many ways, the CT team was once like my family. I spent four years with them day in and day out early on in my career, and they will always have a special place in my heart. Really glad we had the chance to catch up.

Thanks for the PERFECT photo Tim! I love it!

Chuck looks ecstatic.

Lol… Chuck is as nice as pie even if he isn’t smiling;)