Emailing Property Management Companies


Some PM’s want 10% from the contractor, I have laughed in the faces of several their demands change when the conversation is played back for them. Record all calls & face to face meetings with PM’S


That’s most definitely good to know! But why search hoa pool house? What are some good sites to partner with to build my clientele/ volume of business. I look at the bid site that on PWRA but not enough reviews for me. I am also talking to HomeAdvisor but there charging per lead if i close or not and idk about that one.


Because he’s already given some great advice on the topic in other threads, and doesn’t feel like retyping it.


Bingo. Everyone wants to be spoonfed


hey could you send that to my email too please


Letter is fine, but I’d lose the exclamation point in the greeting.

Any replies you get will likely be along the lines of “thanks for the email. We are happy with our current vendor. Have a nice day.”

This type of response is standard and generic over every industry. Everyone has ‘a guy’ and they will swear their guy is the best. But if they took the time to reply, then your response is important. I’d recommend something along the lines of

“Thank you for the response. I understand that you already have a vendor in place, and I respect that. Every time I approach a job I do whatever it takes to ensure the client will show me the same loyalty.
If you could possible keep my contact information as a backup vendor, I’d truly appreciate it. If there is ever anything your current source can’t do or a rush job that he can’t get to, I’d love the opportunity to be of service.”

Don’t badmouth the other vendor. You’d be surprised how many do. It’s classless and just comes across as sour grapes.
Don’t try to sell in the response email. You have your answer.
With a polite, professional, respectful response, you can keep the door open for the future.

Touch base with an email every 4-6 weeks. Just a little hello and is there anything I can help with type thing.

I know I’m in printing and not pressure washing, but I’ve gotten the ‘we already have a vendor’ response a hundred times. I’d say 3 of my 10 largest clients right now gave me the same response. Then ‘their guy’ either pissed them off or did a crap job or wasn’t able to handle a project fast enough, and they called me, and I got a shot.

At the end of the day, all you can really ask for is a shot.


I would like to see the mail chimp template if possible.