Email Marketing?

Has anyone had any luck with email marketing?

We are trying to break into the commercial side of this business, almost a decade now doing Resi and we now want a bite at Commercial.

Who would I hire for this?

All advice is apprised

Are you talking about bulk emails? Or targeting individual people/buildings? Both are “email marketing”, but they are very different things. Of course house washing and commercial work are both pressure washing, but they are very different things :joy:

Individual businesses that we see might benefit from our services.

We have some commercial clients… But I’d like to have more on the books, possibly on a contract.

Resi is my bread and butter, but I think it might be time to explore commercial. I hate to admit it, but I think I may be getting a little bored

and that is yet another different thing…

Just ready to jump on to something new that’s all.

Any suggestions to my original question?

Basically it’s about finding the right person to talk to. For me best results have been when I stick mostly to non-coporate stuff (because finding that right person is tough in corporate owned locations). If it’s franchised and owned by a local group, you can usually fins the person. Also, one off businesses are usually easy to find the person in charge. I usually say something like “sorry for the cold email, I know how annoying that can be myself…but I happened to notice your building was showing some signs of ____ and wanted to offer our services to take care of that for you for $xxxx, and make it as easy as possible for you.”

I’ve noticed the title in your email sig seems to dramatically change the response rate as well. “Owner” or “President”, etc. converts much better than anything to do with “sales” or “marketing”. I guess the perception is if someone with those titles takes the time to reach out, it must be an issue, whereas someone in sales/marketing it’s theur primary job to do that, so it’s more easily discounted.


I’ve been in advertise and marketing for 5 years. A few different digital agencies and now for one of the largest in the nation.

We have an email advertising solution and it is a great option for many industries and has great persona targeting as well.

However, anyone who tells you they have an advertiser/marketing platform that can help you attract commercial leads……they are full of it.

Paid advertising works great for consumer targeting, but b2b leads are not the answer. Plain and simple “business” aren’t browsing the internet. This databases are all consumer driven and not databases with business emails/business behavior targeting.

Commercial business is best approached from a grass roots effort. Cold calling, cold emailing, drop ins, and networking.

Check out it is a great contact database and the free version can usually track down the owner of a business and their email and contact number sometimes even their cell phone.