Eley Supply/Garden hose

Hey y’all, I have finally started buying equipment and I want to know what you guys think of this Eley hose.

Eley Garden Hose

It almost seems to good to be true. I am open to saving money with another brand that works, I realize this is a bit pricey. Also if I buy 100ft for $149.99 they send you a 4 piece quick connect kit.

Please follow the link and let me know what you think. I haven’t seen this brand mentioned yet, except in reference to their high-end residential hose reels. Also, from what I’ve read I should use a 5/8” garden hose for my 4gpm cold water belt drive machine, is that about right? Thanks a lot, again :slight_smile:

A lot of guys here like and use flexilla hose which is a bit pricey but worth it from what I hear. I personally use cheap garden hose from Lowe’s and it works good. I previously spend a good amount on industrial hose and it ended up bursting… the cheap hose has lasted longer and it’s a lot lighter.

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APEX hot,cold, 5/8 .going on 2 years now with same hoses and we treat them like a baby does a diaper, Freeze, thaw, concrete, gravel parking lots, drive overs with 80,000 lb trucks, cant vouch for the hose you described, might be great . I’m just telling ya the tried and true that we use.


I save my breath when it comes to offering advice when it comes to supply hose. I have a few hoses that are over 15 years old. I’ve also been able to look over and see the same hose go 42 years. But whatever go flexzilla cause it’s got a cool color

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Get the cheapest hose that’s closest to you, I’m not sure how people burst these things, supply hose should outlast any hose that’s on the rig, mine have

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Thanks @Hotshot I will take a look at that right now. That’s a hell of a customer testimonial haha You had me at 80,000 lb truck.

:rofl: :heart_eyes:

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@dperez well now I want to know what hose you use

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I’ve had this hose for about 3 years. I like the oversize fitting making it easier to take on and off a customer’s supply.

Just standard 5/8" i.d. heater hose from Dayco or Gates in a 200ft continous length with 250 psi burst rating all EPDM compounds, spiral reinforcement, -40˚F to 257˚F it’s very similar to SAE 20R3 Class D-2 hose


Its heavier than most hose’s and its kink resistant not kink proof, I think that’s a myth anyways. but I never take mine off the 18" reel and just lay it in a pile. I have the cox 1125 200 18" and it will hold over 200’ of that hose with no problem. Rolls up nice as well, meaning it has no memory, even if it’s cold out. Think I paid $85ish for a 100’ . I got the black hose.

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Thanks @Hotshot and @MuscleMyHustle , the price is way better than some of the other options out there. I bought a reel, a cheap hose and some of the Apex also to test them both out. I’ll start with the cheap one as that should technically leak first :thinking::dizzy_face::hugs:

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@AceofSpray just look after it, like with anything and it will treat you well :+1:

So true man, wish I would’ve applied that concept to cars and relationships years ago.

I like the flexilla, have probably 1200 ft of it. But it’s not perfect. It is lite and does pretty good job of not kinking but with the light color, can’t keep it clean. Anytime it gets dragged thru mud or bad grease, it’s stained no matter how much you wipe it down. It’s kind of got a matt textured finish so it kind of drags more thru the grass, has small aluminum fittings so they do get scratched, nicked and can be a pain to put on sometimes. Plus the ones in my yard, have all gotten mildewed really bad in a fairly short amount of time. Need to soak them all in a bucket of SH. It does kind of laydown on a reel so you can get more on it. I like it, but wish it had a slicker finish on it, would help it pull easier and not get so stained.


Thanks for your review, I’ll try it out next! I read about the mold in a couple other places too, this confirms it.