Elemonator vs. Fresh wash Lemon: Canada

I have heard great things about Elemonator, but Bob does not ship to Canada. I just ordered a j-rod kit from powerwash.com because they do ship to Canada, and they have a product called Fresh Wash Lemon.

Should I try to get my hands on Elemonator, or is Fresh Wash good enough since it is available to me in my location?

I prefer elemonator, but the fresh wash will do fine


I use both. I think the elemonator covered the SH smell better. Other than that they are about the same!

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If we’re all being honest with ourselves, they’re probably identical. Look at the MSDS. I just prefer Bob because he and the window cleaning resource store get me stuff in two days like clockwork.

Professional surfactant’s only real job is to cling to a surface and break surface tension without breaking down your bleach and easily rinsed. Tomato potato. Same same.


Being honest as well I ordered stuff from bob the other day and it was here before the other place (you decide where) even shipped my stuff. I called them and they upgraded it to next day air and shipped it out. I was still rather discouraged and will likely order less from them in the future. Order was placed on Thursday night and I called them mid day on Tuesday to find it hadn’t shipped.

I oredered some stuff from Southside and they held my order up over a week because they were short 2 meg nozzles. I was not happy.

Bob ships stuff super fast. I always get my orders from him in 2 days. He ships from ohio and I’m right next door in New York so PT is a blessing for me… I have spent a LOT of money at PT and plan to continue to do so. I rarely use ebay anymore. Haha

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