Elemonator equivalent

Is there a surfectant that compares to the quality of elemonator?my main concern would be one that rinses well on stucco houses ,ive read that stucco can hold soap in its nooks and crevice’s and cause streaking,is green wash a good choice,from soft wash systems?

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Just use less surfactant. I don’t know of any other equivalent to Elomonator. I like it because the windows turn out really nice.


Ok thank you👍

Snotmenade from Southside works well for me.

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Oh mercy, don’t put that much in per gallon. It’s like an ounce per five gallons. Really just experiment, start really low and work up when you see it cling nicely but easily rinses off.

Ok,i guess that is for a roof mix,thats what it says on the bottle,1 ounce per gallon

Elemonator isn’t for roofs. That’d be Cling-on, Snotmenade or Slo Mo.

Not sure why the directions say 1oz to 1 gallon. It’s overkill.

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No,snotmenade says 1 ounce per gallon

Sorry. I only saw you asking about Elemonator. And you’ve deleted a couple posts.

I think the label says the same for Elemonator. You can get away with far less for house wash. 1 oz for 4 gallons is where I’m at. No issue with cling, maybe not enough scent cover though.

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My customers never complain about bleach smell with elemonator in that recipe.

Ok,thanks for the info guys👍