Electric pressure washer

I understand horsepower is horsepower i just want to make sure im right these motors are not cheap at all.

This thing has a 5hp motor on it and from my math it needs atleast 9.6 hp to properly run the pump.

@marinegrunt this was the one i was texting you about.
Its a shark

Wasn’t sure if that formula was for gas/diesel only.

Forgot to add that.

You do realize that is 210 and not regular 100 outlet? Not that this has to do with HP but something you should consider

Yes it also not mine. We have 210 welding outlets all over.

Isn’t Karcher part of the Landa group?

Ya i read something like that

Sort of like how Pontiac and Cadillac are both GM.

Good Machines?

Great Machines

I thought it meant General Motors…

Gpm x PSI / 1460

3.5gpm x 3000 psi = 10,500 divide by 1460

7.19 which is 10hp

60hertz single phase.

Or you can use a 7.5hp motor but me being me I always like more motor than needed.

I thought you divide by 1100? Is this electric motor formula? Lol

Ya me too.

I found it on cat’s website and the formula for gas/diesel

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[quote=“Grizz, post:1, topic:22290”]
Its a shark

Your buying a Hotsy ?
Bout time you came to your senses.

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No im buy a duel axle trailer and a hot water 8 gpm befor this year is over with but this PWer isnt mine. Its my other jobs. I am tasked with purchasing equipment and chemicals needed to clean up our cookers. I will post some pictures of this nasty mess soon to see what yall think. Its going to be a rough one.

I just pulled my oilfield data book out and the 5hp that’s on there is correct. The formula is correct except that pump turns at 3450rpm. Had a moment of forgetfulness.
So you would actually put it in as

3.5 gpm x 3000 psi divide by rpm
10500 divide by 3450 = 3.04 hp

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Can you take a picture of that complete page or provide a link i want to read alittle about this.

I not that mechanically inclined but i do believe there is a small defferance in electric and gas when it comes to power needed.