Electric hose reel advice

Thinking about pulling the trigger on an electric reel. I’ve read some things on the forum about them however, looking for opinions on what’s good and what’s not. Also, best place to buy them?

Electric is fine if the hose is laid out pretty straight. If not it will pull up rose bushes, little old ladies with walkers and anything in its path. If you are space constrained they may not work for you. Battery drainers. I bought 6 from a local guy who was tired of guys breaking fingers feeding the hose and not letting of the button quick enough. I sold some and pulled the motors off the rest. If you are a single operator and are careful they may benefit you. With multiple employees they are a liability.

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I like the idea of them but don’t want another thing to maintain and another thing to break at an inopportune time.

I purchased one used and it was way too fast. You have to be careful with them or they will break fingers and other objects. Also , the one i had would jog a few times before shutting off. They are nice in a way but, I prefer the hand crank wheel.

Thanks guys for the feedback. Sounds like maybe not a great investment.

I love mine and would not work with out, I am owner operator no employees. I have titan and its been great althought the manifold did bust on me easy fix. I also had to tighten the chain on it by raising it a little, I may go with hannay next time. I highly highly recommend it. Saves so much energy

I have 300’ on an electric and absolutely love it. Such a time saver. I have my helper feed me the hose while I guide it on and press the button.

I think I’m going to give the Hannay electric reel a try. I was by myself sometimes when my son won’t get out of bed. I always do several houses a day and the winding up the reel so many times a day really kicks my rear. I always pull the hose and lay it out before winding so hopefully that helps with the above mentioned issues.

Electric is the way to go…I have both and there is nothing like it…Just lay your hose behind or to the side of your truck/trailer and put a damp rag in your other hand and let it do its magic…

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So it’s a 2 man operation :grimacing:

Easily a one

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I love mine its a Hannay I have 225’ on it… I always take a rag and feed it place it in a line back and forth. It was on my old rig I PUT it on my new set up…
it locked up one time… and i played it back and forth and it freed up… I keep it lubed up all the time

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My wife and son make fun of me because I’m absolutely anal about how the hose goes on tbe reel. It has to be perfectly spooled each and every time.