EIFS Trim cleaning

There is a property that we clean windows for who wants it’s building washed. I noticed that it’s entire trim and pillars are made from EIFS (that fake soft stucco). It’s once white color in now mostly greenish and brown from the mold. I’ve heard horror stories from others that EIFS can be a nightmare to clean. I understand it can’t take any pressure at all and that bleach can also cause series problems.

Anyone had experience cleaning this?


I have never had any problems cleaning EIFS or dryvit with a strong house wash mix and SoftWashing it.

It’s important to note that sometimes when the mold is that thick on it, the damage has already been done. It may not look 100% new when you’re done, but it will look a lot better. Just make sure the customer has realistic expectations.

Another consideration is when eifs is installed it has integral color. This will clean up better. You need to exercise caution with the eifs that has been repainted. You can take the paint off.