Efficiency Issues.. All Input Greatly Appreciated

Ive looked and looked but maybe Im not searching the right thing. I have been running a 3 part 12.5 SH and 2 part H2O with 5-8 Oz Elemonator downstreaming and it has been cleaning to my standards which are extremely high. The problem is that I am now requiring more efficiency. I bought an Xjet but it seems to be WAYYYY too high pressure for house washing. I tried modifying the xjet by putting it before the lance and using my jrod nozzles but it is not consistent with the pressure. It is low pressure like normal sometimes, like when I am down streaming, and other times it is blasting. I have tried wider orifices as well as throttling down but still does the same thing. I am trying to avoid a soft wash system until next season but also trying to keep under 1.5 weeks booked out. Any input on improving my efficiency and/or the xjet issue is GREATLY appreciated. I am running an 8gpm 3500psi Honda GX with a Comet pump cold water unit 200’ hose. Thank you in advance for taking your time in this issue.

Chris Clark
Rak Doc’s Pressure Washing, LLC

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Xjet does not speed things up in my experience… but if you dont like the pressure it produces then stick to downstreaming.

I dont use Xjet for same reason, and only use for flat work. Maybe you should add a machine if you need to move quicker? With 8gpm machine, not sure you can increase much with common machines.

Thanks Donut757, I am switching back to downstreaming for the time being. I have not used the Xjet for flat work but I am looking forward to it. Having the ability to run a stronger mix for pre and post treatments without using a pump sprayer will be amazing.

Use a xjet ds nozzle…speeds things up

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Does it produce same pressure as normal Xjet nozzle/system?

It is the Xjet M-5. By modifying it (placing it before the lance with the jrod tips), it is very low pressure but for some reason it turns extremely high pressure occasionally.

The downstream nozzle…no, low pressure

Well, guess i shall order one and try it out.

Was under assumption it was same as normal M5 Xjet.


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I just got one and it sure looks like it to me.

It’s not…it’s low pressure to pull vacuum from an injector. The regular x jet will not pull vacuum from an injector.

Have you used it yet?

I use the M5 downstream nozzle and love it. I now use my j-rod only occasionally. The fact that you can adjust the fan on the fly…like to hit both gutter and soffit in one motion. It saves me tons of time over the j-rod. X-jet has its place for stronger mixes but 99% of time downstreaming is the way to go…especially if you take care of and flush your injector at end of each job. I use a Sutner 2315 with a 5 inch nipple and the M5DS nozzle screwed on the end with no QC. It’s so much easier to turn with one hand to adjust fan spray while you’re cleaning. I found it to hard to adjust on the fly while connected to a QC


M5DS nozzle for downstreaming. Throw the jrod away

I unscrewed the m5 xjet and put 1/4 inch plug on it and use for downstreaming and xjetting after the Lance it works great for down streaming, I try to use xjet as least as I can. @Rakdoc1187. However I didn’t not know the m5ds was different

@Rakdoc1187 how long is the Lance your using?

No, I just got it the other day.

@Rakdoc1187 here is some pics

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Here’s an important question that it appears no one has asked yet:

What exactly about DS’ing have you found to be less efficient than you’d like? There are a number of tricks to make it work more smoothly or to your liking.

Most people have found it more advantageous to work out the kinks sometimes associated with DS, vs. taking on all the complications inherent in other systems like xjet or direct application methods (12v, booster pump, air diaphragm, etc (which all have their respective places in this industry, but all suck a little more for general housewashing))

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I would just stick to what works for sure, like downstreaming and jrod tips. That system has never failed me once. I also bought an xjet when I first started out but I have yet to use it lol. I’ll probably use it for stronger applications like some of the guys here have said but I haven’t needed it yet… also if you have an 8gpm machine, I’ve heard of people running straight sh with surfactant, in their mix… I guess you can get away with it, with that 8gpm machine lol. I’d just find an assortment of nozzles you like and a 3 way ball valve and just use those… forget about those high pressure nozzles on the jrod. This has worked very well for me… it was advice I’ve received from some really knowledgeable guys on here.