We have fairly large job coming up involving power washing about 10k square foot of retaining wall. Versa Lok. The wall has some [U][I][B]effervescence stains.

Has anybody found a product they like to use for this condition?

We have had success with Onerestore. Posting pictures would help. You can always call eacochem to discuss your project.

I second OneRestore for removing efflorescence.

not to be picky but its efflorescence, not effervescence. dont want to you to use the wrong words while talking to a customer.

one restore or a similar acid would be ideal. my only suggestion is to use minimal moisture. moisture will permeate into the stone and as it dries and evaporates from the stone it will wick more efflorescence out of the stone. maybe try brushing it on

I have found trying to remove efflorescence is something we now pass on. It is too much hassle for us to deal with and not knowing what or if it will come off or WHEN it will come back, not worth the money or effort for what most time we have found to be disappointment.

Exactly what we do also Jeremy. We clean brick walks,brick patios,brick walls and brick houses but if efflorescence Is there goal to get removed we tell them to call a masonary company that sells the acids or whatever you need to that has to go on the white salty substance and to see if they have someone in mind who does that type of work.

The only thing we brush are gutters and wood staining all with great results… Efflorescence is a mixed bag of worms with mixed results and that we don’t deal with. It has to come out excellent or we won’t do it… To many years of building up our reputation to have a high profile job come out with “Mixed results”
Good luck.