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I am trying to work on my education to my customers and having trouble finding the correct words. I would like to tell my roof cleaning/house washing customers that my solution is ## percentage less then that found in houshold bleach. Example, household bleach is 6% SH, I start with 10% SH but when mixed @ 10-30 gallons of SH with 70-90 Gallons of water my solution is how much of a less percentage of that of household bleach. In the end my solution will be a 1 to 3% SH does that mean it works out at 3 to 5% less than that of household bleach or would it be so larger number. Need some help with the numbers please.

If the bulk of your pitch discuss chem concentrations, you’re on the wrong path.

We talk about commercial grade detergents custom blended for each application. And then speed and minimal disruption, pleasant and well trained service techs and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Who asks about bleach percentages?

If your bleach blend is 1 to 3 % sh, then it is 1/6 to 3/6 the strength of household bleach. (15 to 50 percent the strength of household bleach)

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Educate the customer on your experience & knowledge. Talking about roof cleaning formulas will raise more questions and concerns…definitely the wrong path.

“Chemicals” is a bad word when discussing a proposal with a customer.

I guess I did not phrase my question correctly. I want to be better educated, informed and have an answer when the customer may ask me exactly when I am putting on the roof/siding.

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You have not yet put the customer at ease.

You should have already explained that the process you use consists of… whatever and that no de-greasers are used and environmentally responsible… blah blah blah.

Improve your presentation and delivery, all the while establishing a rapport with the prospect and the non-relevant questions will stop.

I use an industrial version of baby shampoo and diaper disinfectant, soft enough for a baby, but strong enough for a roof.

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Or use words like proprietary blend.

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I hate that word usage and makes it sound like a scam in my eyes. Nowadays everyone is trying to claim everything is proprietary. Make them comfortable with what your providing them and the professional you are. Don’t scare them away with thoughts of secret formulas.

I agree with the use of the word proprietary. If you are using the same stuff or the same process as other people and say that then that is false marketing.

I think keeping it as simple as possible is the answer, if you make the customer ask too many questions then you are going to create doubts and lose the sale.

Create a simple sales pitch that is easily understandable. Quote a Single Price. Do not discuss how the price was calculated, too many numbers will lose a customer as well.

Customers do not want to think, they want to know what you are going to do for them and how much it costs.

We wash dirty stuff. We should no more be educating customers than the clerk at the 7/11 should be educating his customers on the benefits of Big Red gum. If you get a call, give them a price. If they ask more than two questions about how you wash suggest they call someone else, hang up and go to the next one. Life is to short to try to sell something to someone or do a job that could be a pain in the neck. Guy B has ridden with me when I have been on the phone. You get about 30 seconds of phone time to get on the schedule. To much work out there to chase it, advertise for it, or educate for it.

Boy, I wish I lived in your market. I’m not pushy or salesy by any stretch of the imagination, but if I operated here the way you’re describing, I’d be looking for other employment…

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I just think being informed and ready. As a conjunctions tech for 20 plus I always talk to the guy installing my cable/dish/alarm at my home. Roof cleaning has been around for a while and you never know if you might have a former cleaner calling you to clean their roof and ask you questions to make sure you are qualified.

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That would be a communications tech

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I don’t agree. There are many customers that are concerned about plants, kids, fish, and the environment in general. They want to know “what is in that anyway and what will it do to the environment”. First answer is that it is very safe and environmentally friendly. Some will push to know the chemical compound. Just tell them matter of fact that it is sodium hydroxide and leave it at that. They’ll most likely say “oh, ok”. I wouldn’t throw away customers because they are environmentally conscientious.

It has been proven by my own experience that if you are charging what you consider to be a fair rate, you’d better be able to tell your customer why they should select you to clean over the multitude of lower priced quotes. Question your customers appropriately, qualify their needs and concerns and learn how to educate them based solely on the information they have provided. You should be able to dialogue with your customers without using nasty little buzz words like “bleach, chlorine, etc…”.
And let’s face it, until you’ve done enough work for your reputation to precede you (like some of the powerwash titans on this site) you will have to polish your salesmanship.
Without a well known reputation the “here’s my price, take it or leave it” attitude will be received as arrogant.
There’s nothing wrong with providing a little education. It builds confidence with your clients.

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Hello my names isaiah russell i am in my 2nd year of running my company “pro-pressure-washers” we do pressure washing of all aspects as well as landscaping and junk hauling my question is how did you find success in the business? My strategy is advertisement and having a good name my main calls from craigslist and i think that it could be way better i use a facebook page, flyers, cards, going business to business asking to speak to managers, i have a website as well through wix but its not getting much attention so i am asking how do i take it to that next level? I go weeks with no calls then i get weeks when i get 3 to 4 jobs so i am looking for more consistency and more customers in general i am located in oregon and this is what i am committed to do for the rest of my life i feel like i can make this a great success story but i need a mentor type to guide me…so please let me know what i can or should do

please and thank you isaiah russell owner and main operator of pro-pressure-washers

The real key is to keep reading these forums. You will be surprised at the technical terms that fly from your mouth if you read enough, when a customer starts asking questions.

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Absolutely True!!! He wrote down the address, no phone number…come to think of it I don’t think he even wrote down a price. I take a call a few minutes later, takes about 4 minutes to close the sell…he looks at me and says…you talk too much…LOL!!!

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