Editing profile

So i just joined this forum and can’t figure out how to edit any of my profile information. I can’t change avatar, signature, or anything else. I see an area where it says customize profile, however, when I click it nothing comes up for me to change. Am I missing something here?

Do you see a “MyPWR” button beside your name at the top of your screen?

If so, select it, go to “Community Account”

Then the menu is on the left.

It allows you to change what the community sees.

Tim is absolutely correct! I have attached a screen shot so you know what you are looking for. I would go for the “Edit Profile Picture” and “Edit Signature” first. If you have any more problems send me an email and I can help you: jessica@pressurewashingresource.com

Click on My PWR and then go to Community Account.