EDDM Should I change routes

Hey guys. I’m wondering if I should mail to the same routes and change. I know EDDM is all about repetition and I know it was just my first mailing but I sent out 2,500 mailers in early may, I received 3 calls. I got two job from it but that’s all. Now it’s June and I want to mail out another round either 2,500 again or split it in half 1,250 in June and 1,250 in July. Again I know EDDM is supposed to be mailed to the same routes over and over but 3 calls out of 2,500 mailers is way under the .5% ROI that a lot of guys talk about.

What would you do ?

For me ROI is a function of dollars, not # of pieces vs. # of calls…but I guess you can track that as well. So much more goes into this question.

How did you choose your target routes?
What’s the design? What was the “special offer” on them?
What size and weight of stock did you use?
Possibly most importantly, what day did they go out/get delivered?

Not everyone cares for EDDMs (TBH I don’t really like them), but they’re consistently our highest directly attributable ROI marketing avenue. Given just the info you’ve shared, I’d go quality over quantity, within reason of course). It really depends how much of your desirable target markets/routes you hit with the first round. Where you stand on GMB probably plays a solid role as well.


They were 8.5x11 thick card stock from WCR/ @costprinting. I used one of their templates my special offer was $50.00 off any service. I had an expiration date for a call to action. I used the EDDM mapping tool to select 7 of the highest income routes in my area 110k to 150k annual. I sent them out on a Monday and they were delivered on Wednesday. I got 2 calls that day and one the next week. Not sure if I should have mailed them to middle class instead of higher end homes, idk if once a month isn’t frequent enough?

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Pretty similar to what we do, only thing I would have changed is we always drop-off on a Wednesday for a Friday/Saturday delivery. I don’t do the route selection personally, but I know our tact is a mix of finding upscale neighborhoods, and mailing to the areas where we have had the most work and ticket totals above our average (which I think is a better method if you have the data).


How often do you mail? And how many?

Spring usually about 50k+/-, maybe 15k round to one area or another in subsequent groups (summer/fall).

I’d get a website that isn’t a subdomain of some other site. In other words, get your own website with your own domain name. Make it something easy to remember.

I have my own domain name and it’s short and easy to remember. I’m working on the website currently but I wanted something nicer than a go daddy website and I figured money right now would be better spent trying to get business with EDDM and smaller post cards and door hangers. Luckily in my area I still rank high on google with my google business website.

changing your web address once you gain any traction will be the worst thing by far! You can always get a better looking/converting website, but changing the address is a terrible idea. I guess you could keep the other to forward, but if it’s a cost thing now, that would probably be a cost issue then too. Plus (I assume) you’d be starting all over in terms of SEO with a new site. EDDMs are great for gaining traction and keeping busy until those long term things take hold.

Print IMO is dead, at least in my area (Socal)

The problem with EDDM is you are advertising to ppl who aren’t looking for you. Yeah, sure you will catch some but for the most part to the bin it goes. spend your advertising dollars on google searches, focus on ppl who are looking for your service.

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depends on what you spend…if it’s a tight budget then focus it. Ideally you do some of everything, track the ROIs, and rebalance towards what’s working best at the moment. You’ll find it changes periodically. You also want to hit the same people from multiple avenues if you really want brand recognition to stick.

Of course in SoCal, they probably charge you an extra nickel to cover the cost of recycling it after :crazy_face:

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I know enough about SEO to get myself in trouble.
Lol. I did AdWords for two businesses awhile back. It changes quickly.

And I hear what you’re saying. But his address is a doozy. I don’t think anyone seeing a business website being run on a subdomain thinks it’s very professional, and it’s not easy to remember.

Sorry, OP, not trying to knock you. Just giving real feedback.

Absolutely, I was agreeing with you…get the domain now, content later, if need be. Better to alter the content as you go, than the domain IMO.

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lol. I was reading it wrong. I thought you were suggesting he stick with the current name.

Whenever I see people asking about EDDM I always want to ask them if they sit down and read through all their junk mail with any hint of interest. Times have changed, computers fit in pockets and google is a household name (unless you’re a stuck in the mud version of @Innocentbystander using that lower grade bingo thing).

Bing man, it’s bing.

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B-I-N-G-…oh, nvm

I don’t disagree, but they still produce leads. We mail them, and the phone rings. We’re usually top on GMB, we do FB and Google PPC, but we also do signs and EDDMs. The trick is tracking and refocusing on what is working the best at any given time. EDDMs work, but not at the same level of effectiveness at all times/seasons.

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