EDDM does it work?

Hey guys, just learned what EDMM was today. Has anyone here had any luck with that? Thanks in advance !

It’s a form of in your face sales. Puts the idea in a customers head that they need work done. Of course it works!


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X2 on nope.

I’m assuming you’ve tried eddm before. Did it just have less than amazing results or did you actually lose money with it? I’m not doubting you when you say it doesn’t work, but I’m wondering to what degree it doesn’t work? Total failure or just lackluster return?

It works great, but you have to know how to do it.

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I’ve never done it but I read a lot about it and I believe it depends on you’re location, the flyers/post cards you’re sending out, the time of year you’re doing it, and what parts of you’re service area you’re delivering to.

I spent $2k and made nothing from it. See what your wife does with them. My wife throws any add or solicitation directly into the garbage. I dare say most wives do

My wife is a salesman’s dream. Or at least she was when I married her. She’s a little tougher on them after being married to me for 12 years! :grin:

What’s the saying? A potential customer needs to see your name at least 5 times before you have a chance to make a sale?

I think it’s just once. But they have to call me about 5 times before I give in and answer and try to find a spot for them. We aren’t offering high end, got to have it services. If you have a leak at your house, you don’t did they eddem junk, you just start calling the first plumber in the book and work your way down until someone answers and can come fix it.

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And someone that doesn’t have a $1000 minimum!

Any advice that you’d be willing to give me on EDDM?

I’ve had success with it. Nothing like word of mouth but it helped me get established. I still send some out to my favorite neighborhoods from time to time.

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Not going to type everything again. Look up my profile for eddm topics.
But consistency is key, and be willing to drop some $. Its not cheap and can take a while to see a return. Its not send a thousand cards out and than your booked out for the rest of the year. Be realistic with your expectation, and dont expect a boat load of calls the next day.

Your piece needs to stand out, have a purpose, and a goal.
You need to find out/know who your target customer is. Are you dealing with people who got an HOA letter or the stay at home mom who likes a clean house and design something for them.

The best time to advertise is when your busy.

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Do you guys just get a crap ton more advertisements in the states? I have had amazing results here. Spent about $2500 and got over $60,000 in work from it.

Every single day they come in.