EBC restore safer alternative to acids?

Anyone have experience with EBC restore? I haven’t found too much in depth in the forum here aside from mentions of it. Getting into the business and would like to have a few cleaners in my “bat belt”…saw that EBC restore claims to be a substitute for situations that would generally require an acid (oxalic, sodium hydroxide, etc). Just wondering if it is a decent alternative, as well as being safer to use of course, or if it only does good on the “light duty” tasks of the sort.

No one has answered, so I’ll put my two cents in. First let me say, it isn’t a bad product. Then let me say, sometimes you just need acids and caustics. It’s a cleaner/degreaser, not a hazmat chemical.

I figured…was just curious on others input. Thanks for stepping up!

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Just a heads up @Hellbilly Sodium Hydroxide is not an acid.

Honestly not sure why I even put that…need to give my brain a day to decompress I guess lol