EBC Question

Don’t do a lot of commercial flatwork but have a trash room cleanup for one of our property managers…thinking of ordering some EBC to use…will be cleaning walls and concrete floor…I only run cold water but have read that EBC works well with cold…anyone had good results and what is the best way to apply…ds or pump up…thanks is advance

I had that same situation, wanting to try ebc on this trash room pictured below. Any idea of dilution ratios? I saw on another related thead Rick @Racer adds some sh to it sometimes ? Would it help clean this up better? No hot water presently.

And come on the thread is barely 10 years old…

I use EBC almost exclusively. Most of the time I am at 18-20 oz per 5 gallons and downstream at ten to one. If it is really thick grease, I go 50/50 in pump sprayer. You can also call the phone number on their website, Carlos will be the one you talk to. He has a wealth of knowledge and great guy. There is also a use guideline PDF on his website for ebc. He and I just sat down and did soap calculations for a large commercial job.

Thank you!

On stuff like that, you saw my video, but I run hot water. I’d be at least 2-1 water to EBC and plan on scrubbing some.


ebc no worky for me yet. but my expectation was a bit high considering the food grease and fact that it had already been hit with a slew if chemicals prior to ebc.