Ebc, f9, nmd-80


Normally I don’t buy enough of this stuff to have loyalty where I buy, just the cheapest in the google search. But the next 3 weeks I need all of it and more than what I usually buy all year. Who’s your favorite suppliers for this stuff? Remember what you pay?


Janitorial Restoration Hub is where I get F9. Not sure how much you need. Best prices I have found anywhere for it and free shipping if it is over $300 I believe


Craig and I are having a phone conversation tomorrow. I’ll ask him.


Thanks fellas


NMD 80 - usually brick distributor will have decent prices - On EBC can sometimes buy cheaper online but freight if buying a fiverr is killer. I usually just get from local SW store now for $125 - have to pay tax but no freight. I’ve heard of guys buying it from $115 from SW stores, but mine won’t budge. Plus most distributors charging tax now anyway.


None of my sherwin williams stores will carry it anymore


The only SW in my area that was supposed to be a carrier was slacking hard on ordering in some for me… multiple phone calls to them but they couldn’t seem to handle the simple task of making the order. Sent Bettye at EBC an email and she asked what location works for me. I told her one that was close by…long story short that store made an order that day. Send her an email and I’m sure she will set you up one way or another. Great customer service. Sales@envirobiocleaner.com


Become a local vendor for it? I’m sure it’s not that hard.