Dustless sandblasting

Has anyone dabbled in the dustless sandblasting ?

It has its limitations if you are referring to the attachment for your pressure washer.
Approach with caution and practice on stuff before you think about taking it on a customer’s property.
You need fine washed and sieved dry sand or preferably garnet as some sand still has residual chloride content which is a no good if you are blasting steel.
Steel also flash rusts quickly so a rust inhibitor like holdtite is worth considering.

Overall IM0 better to subcontract to professional dustless blasting contractor who has the experience and purpose built blaster for best results on anything other than small stain removal etc.

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Perfect thanks boss. I have tried it on my own stuff at home just wanted to see if it could go any further

Too easy mate, it can go as far as you want if you have enough dry sand and time to clean up the mess