Dun & Bradstreet listing questions

Forgive me if I missed reading this somewhere…

Does anyone actively use their Dun & Bradstreet? Could you share some tips about this? I have been 95% residential and never heard of this until I started the process with Service Channel. They also called me today saying there’s a fee to updating it. Seems all these services just want our money.

We used D&B only when working with large companies that wanted line of credit for import and distribution.
You dont need it.

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Thank you. I figured. Just wanted to check with you all.

I think @squidskc has mentioned building business credit a few times.


Don’t pay dun & Bradstreet for anything. But if you don’t have a profile start one today!

Give me a couple days, but I’ll fill you in on what’s up. Thanks to a dun & Bradstreet Profile I haven’t updated in 6 months I have close to $40k business credit with amazon, dell, capital one, dultmeier, etc should I need it. I should be updating it more regularly.


That’s credit without a personal guarantee a.k.a. Social Security number. Strictly business credit.


That how I got the limarado :grinning:

Get vendors that report and keep the bills paid!

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Thank you @Ikii @SchertzServicesLLC @squidskc @Infinity

This is a good place to start for setting up your D&B profile properly. Just be aware that Credit Suite charges a ton of money to maintain your D&B and Experian business credit report, but it’s probably worth it. This free video will get the ball rolling for you.

Almost forgot. Nav.com is a good place to see a lot of your scores in one place. Business & personal. They have a free profile and paid profiles.

Thank you so much @squidskc. I appreciate everything you and the other regulars do for our industry.