Dumpster Pad Cleaning

I’ve been asked to clean some dumpster pads at some local BBQ restaurants. I only have a cold unit. What would work on the heavy greasy areas?


Sorry John, that’s pretty much the way it is.

Can you rent a hot unit for the job?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be worth it.

Thanks, Tim.

Do you have a trailer set up? Is there a chance you can add a hot box?

Very small small trailer with a 4 gpm unit. I could probably add one somehow.

Put the water tank in the truck bed. Add a vertical burner to your machine. No matter what size trailer you should probably still have room for hose reels, etc.

Just an idea…

Turns out, I really don’t want to add this service to my business. Had a look at one of the pads this morning. Nasty doesn’t even begin to describe it. One of my favorite BBQ joints, too. Hope the kitchen looks better. :slight_smile:

Think of it as washing greasy hands with cold water, then washing greasy hands with proper detergent and hot water…BOOM…Kleen…umm sorry I meant…Clean!

I agree !

You need hot water to clean with.

On a side subject, Motor Oil breaks down at 250 degree’s and synthetic breaks down at 300 degree’s. If you heat the water to just over that…It will become very clean.

You need detergent, you need heat and you also need GPM/pressure. Out of those three, I would say Heat is first ( To break down the oil) Detergent to emulsify the oil, and water to carry it away.

If you are lacking in any of those three, then your service will lack as well.

Oil is Oil…This understand is true for all oils, petroleum product or not.

id say hot, but guys seem to be using EBC with cold and getting results. I personally use caustic on all the pads we do. worst you can do is a test spot with a good de greaser and see what happens.

Thanks, guys.

How you been, David? Since I left Facebook, I’ve been missing chatting with you.

Here is a photo. I’m going to pass on this, and projects similar, until I join the big boy club. This pad was so nasty, I was slipping all over. Plus it drained into the middle of the parking lot. Would have just transferred it there and become a liability.
Thanks for the input, everyone.

It doesn’t.
When I had a restaurant sales route I NEVER ate out.

After cleaning 20 Jack in the Boxes out here in 2009 I have never ate fast food since then. Every time I try I can imagine the smell of the dumpster pads and start to gag,

If you’re in Houston area I can take care of the dumpster pads for you.

little late buddy. that was 7 years ago


I saw that after I commented LOL