Dump trucks at a gravel yard

Who’s washing nasty dump trucks? And what are you guys charging? Im not 2 stepping yet but wondering if i should because Some of these are going to take me an hour or more to clean up just spraying them. What process and what to charge. Going to be every week or two, 6 trucks.

When I did fleets, these are all I did…they hauled, gravel, sand, manufactured sand, rip rap, asphalt milling etc…

90% of the trucks had a lot of polished aluminum, so using anything harsh was a no-no (caustic)

Pretty much stuck with brushing. We charged $50 per dump truck (6-7axle)

Ah nice. Thanx for the feed back. I quoted $65 for a wash and $90 to degrease. It’s for back hoes and loaders too so I did flat price for all of them. They only have a fresh water pond near by so ill have to use my Delavan 5850 pump to fill my 300 gallon tank and then do the washing.

I do dump trucks that are filthy. I’m washing them once a month and I wash 25 of them. I charge $75 per truck and that includes degreasing and aluminum brightening.

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Steam clean $150/hr