Dual lance that is not an ST-54?

Just looking for any recommendation you guys have for a dual lance wand that is not a Suttner ST-54. I absolutely hate using this model for extended periods of time. It is a bit too short and I am not a fan of the angled end. Would definitely prefer one that is straight and roughly 6" longer.

What say the hive?

Never seen a straight one. Sure there’s probably one out there somewhere.

I seen one on Doug Rucker site but was hoping there might be more than one option

What door you use it for?

Gum. A lot of gum

I have been popping gum for two days. The curve on the end of the wand creates a decent amount of upward force. Really wears your hand out on the palm between thumb and pointer.


I got one of those in the toolbox and never use it for that reason.
I’m thinking about cutting it off before the bend and re-attaching nozzles.
Probably won’t get around to it though, the twisty/multireg is working just fine.

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Hey there, would you please explain to me why you feel you need to run a dual lance in the first place? I mean no disrespect but I can never see a need for them. I have done plenty of flatwork and have popped plenty of gum without one so I was just curious why they are used? When I pop gum it looks like I’m on a crutch with my gun locked in my armpit.




I like one for shopping center Sidewalks. I can back off the pressure around doors plus I don’t have to switch hot nozzles to apply soap. just put a larger nozzle in it to reduce pressure

@dperez on gum I prefer to have a little lower psi and more heat. Seems to go quicker. Can adjust how much pressure on the fly with dual lance.

I am always lowering psi around doors when rinsing.

Also when rinsing or cutting in on sidewalks, driveways etc and you get next to mud, mulch, etc and dont want to make a mess it is easy to turn pressure down on dual lance.

Just this morning was doing an initial clean on a dumpster pad, which also doubles as storage it seems. Had grease flying everywhere. Made less of a mess with the turbo nozzle on the dual lance with pressure turned down some.

Just a few uses I can think of right now. Been a long last couple days.

I have the legacy dual lance and love it. Most of them all have the 45 degree bend for washing trucks and vehicles, it hits the tops of hoods better. Mine is 36" ,but they do make them longer. I mainly use it for engine bays on big trucks, then switch to a single lance.

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@Hotshot thank you I will check out the Legacy lance