Dual injector .... art?

What u think?

That’s a lot of extra fittings and $$ for another injector.
How much extra soap does that provide ?

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Stupid. And why is one in a boat?

Can you explain why?

Dual injector bilge pump. :joy:

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Downstream bleach and vinegar at the same time for extra cleaning power.

No idea someone posted this on FB

well the injectors are backwards so it probably won’t work too well.

“My machine has twin turbos”


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who does this stuff? and why?

Suttner has it

I bought one of those years ago to try on curbs. It sucked. Only getting 4 gpm from each turbo meant walking super slow or two to passes. Same amount of time as one turbo at 8 gpm

I saw that FB. What the frack?!