Dual gun set up... Why chemical injectors in each line...?

Ok I know I have to t it off to have two guns on it and I was told I had to have two chem injectors (one per line) but why…? He said something about spiking once one trigger is released but how does a chem injector not in use help…? I DS or 12 volt all my chems. I’m lost please help!

All you need is a regulating unloader and a “T”.

Can you dual gun off a 3000psi, 4.8 GPM? Not the whole job but possibly for wetting the house down and applying soap?

Only if you are really mad and want to **** yourself off even more.


You could save the time and money and buy a second machine. I happen to be selling one!

Here are some pictures of it on Flickr: Flickr: tadindustrial’s Photostream

I got a promotion at my “day job” and now I’m out of the are too much to keep up with my part time clients. I sold the truck in October and have been trying to sell this machine. If you’re willing to pick it up right outside of Pittsburgh, you’ll def save money in the long run.

I appreciate the offer but a 2nd machine is not an option at this time. I was just asking to see if it was possible. Productivity wise it most likely is not.