Dual barb injectors

Has anyone tried or used the dual barb injectors? I assume with the dual barb injectors I could downstream my SH and soap separately without having to premix? Any thoughts?

That might work but you’ll be drawing as much soap as bleach. They don’t really draw anymore than a regular injector

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Yea, I figured they would draw the same. However, I thought I might could add a sutner metering valve to the soap line to cut it back some. Not sure if it would work, but just a thought. I’m trying to consolidate tanks on the trailer basically. I want to add a roof set up this winter and would rather use one soap tank and one SH tank for both the roof set up as well as the downstream and not have to batch mix anything. Just trying to come up with some ideas.

Just use one tank and the injectors @squidskc recommended… it will do the metering for you.

One tank means batch mixing. Which is what I am doing now so its not a problem, just throwing around some ideas. Those @squidskc recommended is a single barb that just meters the amount your drawing if I remember correctly, so with that I would still be drawing as much SH as I am soap. Unless they make a dual barb set up and I can use different barbs to pull different strengths. @squidskc do you know if they make a dual barb that you can use different barbs in?

Mix soap in with the straight bleach. Unless I don’t follow your question?

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That’s what I am doing now. Was just thinking out loud about a way to get away from mixing and just pulling each separately.

they will draw at different rates.
More soap than SH
Cause of density.

Don’t need dual barb. Single barb proportioning injector is borderline life changing. I’m not sure if they make a dual barb proportioning injector, but if you find one and you can pull a tiny amount of surfactant with one proportioner and straight SH with the other, it might be a neat thing at first, but by the time you plumb it, test the draw on surfactant, and whatever else you need to do you could’ve just splashed approximately 8 oz in 35 gallons of straight SH a hundred times.



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No, I completely understand what you are saying. Not looking for the easy thing here. Basically, here is what I’m doing. I want to add a roof set up this offseason with a metering system like the proportioner. That will give me three tanks, one water, one SH and one soap tank. I still want to downstream on a normal house wash, so with that in mind I’m trying to think of a way to not have a 4th tank that is premixed with my SH and soap. I know I can easily add my elemonator to my SH very quickly, just thinking of a way to avoid that 4th tank to cut down on added space on the trailer. If I could figure out a way to still downstream but pull from the SH and soap separately, i could just use the same two tanks for the roof system. Make sense?? So that is why I was thinking the two barb injectors.


You’re still going to have to have hw mix tank. Reason I have that 15 gal uline tank is to save space.

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One tank. Fill it half and half with water and 12.5. Dump in some elevator. Now you have roof mix. Use the metering injector Brodie mentioned and it’s also you DS tank.