Ds intector

I’ve been using the same ds injector that I got with my machine (I bought 3 of them when I purchased my pw) Just started on the new one today. So I need to get some more, which do you recommend? I don’t think I want a fixed injector because I clean different applications that require different draw ratios, for instance I pw a big rig sometimes.

I’ve used fixed injectors always and find the adjustable Ds’ers unreliable at best…but that’s just me, go with what you know.

I use General Hi-Draws but if you’re washing trucks and using acid to 2-step you may want to look into the Adams Injectors. They’re a bit more expensive but I’ve heard good things about them

when I two step, I use a sprayer to apply acid then soap it after. So I’m not too concerned with acid flowing through it

Do you use the same fixed injector for everything you do? Or do you have seperate one for different applications?

Same injectors. Vary your mix ratios.