DS injector works without the gun on then stops when gun attached


Just joking couldnt resist.
I moved the DS to the other end of a 1ft whip line it didnt change anything.
I tried it on the end of the hose just before the gun and that worked with a detergent nozzle.
The unloader is working properly just a dribble when the gun is spraying then gushing when trigger is off.
Cheers for the help really appreciate it.


I’m still saying it’s the gun. on a side note, that’s an awful lot of weight hanging off the side of the pump. Bad things can only happen. You can try to downsize the injector, but I think if you sneak into Buzz’s truck when he isn’t around and steal his gun you will be ok.


He had me on this one. After 15 Mins on the phone describing his pump this morning… I checked in here later and saw that picture and cursed a little.

Luckily I got my revenge. He called back and told me that the injector works when it’s installed at the wrong end of the hose, by the gun.

Poor fella took me seriously when I told him he had his 90ft hose installed back to front :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Welcome to PWRA Gareth!


Is injector pointed the correct way? Know it’s basic, but wouldn’t be the first to have installed backwards.
Do you have a plain injector, those adjustable ones more prone to problems?


Plus one. Get a whip line between your unloader and the rest of your setup. Btw, what’s that ball valve for, anyway?

Also, you’ve got your quick connects “backwards”. Male end should lead, and female receives at the next connection. It wouldn’t be what’s causing this issue, but it’s bugging me nonetheless.

If you decide to switch everything around, just make sure to do it with the connections on the injector, as well. (You have checked which way the arrow points, right?)

What is your draw rate like with the gun off? If you’re getting a poor draw rate, you might have some obstruction in the hose, like a crushed/kinked spot from being run over. Then the gun adds just enough back pressure to stop it drawing entirely.

I’m also a fan of trying a fixed injector. If you can locate a GP hi-draw, they’re a good, cheap option.


Yea I’m a gullible sucker lol.
Cheers for the talk it was really helpful.
Got the DS to work was the injector tried a 1.8 one and it works.
The QC’s came on the unloader like that the guy also had the 2.3 DS injector on it to.
Not to worried at the moment, just want to start using it.
Buzz mentioned putting the ball valve on the gun end, its been handy on the unloader with all the testing and adjusting.
Cheers for all the help and advice really appreciate it.


Seems everyone who sells ow gear here puts a massive ball valve on the machine. I have one too. It’s weird.