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Yesterday I was washing a house and the DS injector stopped pulling the chems after I did about 3/4 of the house. I have a new 5gpm machine with a built in Injector. It was frustrating for a while trying to figure out the cause. I checked to make sure the filter wasn’t clogged and the line on visual inspection seemed to be ok. I was using the soap tips that came with my roof cleaning pump from Bob at Pressuretek. I even tried the black tip that came with my machine and that didn’t work. I had a new backup injector rated for 5-8gpm and that didn’t work either.
Finally I realized that the Injector stopped working after I added an additional 50ft of hose to 100ft. I had out when it was working. I took the 50ft off and it started working again.

Can someone give me a tip on what to do to get it to draw when I need more than 100 feet of hose?

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We run 200’ of hose so I know that it works.

Take the tip out and see if it draws with no tip. If not, try it with no gun.

There are some guns that pull better than others.

You may just need a bigger tip. You can experiment with a plug with no coupler on it.

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Thanks Tim. It could possibly be the gun since it was a new one that I bought after purchasing the machine. I didn’t think to try the gun that came with the machine. I will try that and the other suggestions and let you know what happens.

Try an injector rated for 3-5 gpm. Sometimes the smaller injectors will draw with longer hose. That has been my experience.

Don’t use a gun rated for less than 12gpm. Try running a smaller injector like suggested.

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Thanks guys. I will try those different tips starting with the gun and the rest of Tim’s tips first.

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Sounds like you are using a home depot/lowes machine, correct? Get rid of it and get a professional rig from Bob.

How did you use a back-up injector along with the built-in injector? What diameter are your hoses?

I run 200’-300’ of hose with no draw issues on both my 5.5 and 8 gpm rigs

How does saying I have a 5 gpm machine sound like I have a home/ depot machine? Get rid of it?

I would be careful about making assumptions without knowing all the facts!

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Without me making any assumptions, what machine are you using?

Professional machines don’t have built in injectors, it was not an assumption, its a fact… Injectors go bad and need to be replaced because professional equipment gets used far more often than residential quality equipment, therefore they are built to be replaced easily.

Do you have a pic of your machine? Where did you buy it?

I had a chance this afternoon to check out the problem and discovered that it was the gun. The second gun I bought was rated for 8gpm. The gun that came with my machine was rated for 10gpm. The 10gpm pulled the chems with 200 feet with no problem.

Thanks for that tip Tim.

I bought the machine last November at Northern Tools which is just 10 minutes down the road from me. I was not a member of the forum and did not have any knowledge of pressure washers. I talked with the sales people in the store and decided to buy this one.
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With all due respect, JC was right.

I am sorry if you took offense.

Facts: 1. I didn’t buy the machine at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I bought it at Toys-R-Us…Er, I mean Northern Tools. See the link to the Pressure Washer in the reply to Tim’s question about which machine I bought.
2. I bought the machine last November before joining this forum and had very little knowledge of “Professional Pressure Washers”
3. Although I may not have a machine that fit’s some people’s definition of a “Professional Machine” because it does have a built-in-injector, as a 65 year old grandfather who has come out of retirement to stay busy so that I am active and healthy, this machine fits my definition of “Professional” just fine! so…
4. I am not going to get rid of it because it doesn’t fit someone else’s definition of “Professional” I am very happy with it and I am getting work. At 65, I am not going to set the world on fire but that is not my goal. You is right for others isn’t always what is right for you.
5. I joined this forum to learn from others and I am not looking for “Simplistic” answers such as “Get Rid of It”. I admit that I don’t know as much as many others but I have to make do with what I have.
6. Tim provided me very great tips and guess what? One of them was the answer, so Thanks to Tim.

Those are the facts Jack!!!

pssst Bill, it’s the internet brother. You need not take it so personal. Take what you can use and let the rest lay.

JC taught me much of what I know.

I just didn’t pay attention when he was teaching me how to be short with people, so you don’t have to let it bother you either.

He may not sugar coat much, but he is usually pretty accurate in what he says.

Anyway, I’m glad that you found your answer.

I’ve worked with Bill on several jobs, to me all his equipment is very professional, not only is his equipment professional but his business and the way he handles himself on jobs is very professional. When he pulls in the driveway customers know right away that he is the real deal! FACT is Bill is a PROFESSIONAL and a hell of a nice guy!

Matthew Adkins
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Greensboro, Nc

Thanks Matthew. I want to say I am sorry for taking offense to the comments and would like to move on and forget about this.

So who is going to win the playoff basketball games tonight?

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Where are they racing?

My money is on Harvick.

Had I known this was a hobby just to keep you busy, I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to help. And you might want to consider laying off the coffee

Sooner or later I will teach you how to be short with people and you can teach me how to sugar coat :cool: