DS 'fix' today

I’ve been frustrated with the strength of my DS so finally did some diagnosing. I have a ‘bulkhead’ tapped into the top of my tank, then had a reducer and 1/4" elbow screwed into that, then connected to my remote valve. Lots of places to cause problems.

I found out it was sucking in air from somewhere, and no matter how much pipe sealer I used it still did it. Finally I got fed up and ran one line from my valve down the bulkhead into the PVC pipe to the bottom of the tank, and holy cow did that make a difference. I did a housewash today and it was almost as fast as my old 4gpm.

Just an FYI if anyone is noticing their DS is less than optimal, check for air leaks.


If you have a bulk head fitting going into the tank and screw a barb into the female end only use two wraps of tape and no pipe dope. I sent more than that will cause a hairline crack in the bulk head fitting

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There are a lot of advantages to just using plain old drop tube off your injector, but then I use a fair amount of special mixes. Still like the simplicity of it (old school).


I’m beginning to realize that, especially when these people in a rich neighborhood just want me to use soap only.

:man_teacher: back to the “educating the customer” discussion…

Nah, Sherwin Williams paint. They know.

I hate that company, lol

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