DS Fence Cleaning

I tried something new (for me). I had a 3/4 mile HOA fence to clean. In an effort to speed things up I tried a number of the things I usually do using my 12V system but was still going back and rinsing using the PW with the chem tip. Decided to try DS using 6% SH. It worked like a charm and was much faster than my 12v. I don’t think I could use it in a customer’s backyard because it threw water and SH everywhere. The fluid volume just spreads too much but it sure was nice for something like this. BTW, I was using a direct drive off a 275 gal tote. Just something to keep in your hip pocket for large volume fence cleaning.

Wow, the memories, I hated PW’n and staining fences!!! Those irrigation halo’s are never going to go away completely so why didn’t you just sell them on a solid stain and forgo the stripping? I used to just hit wood with straight 9.25% and it would wreck that pigment lol. I still have all my brass stain wands if you want to deal on them. I saw your WD trailer and knew you had to be local to me, then I saw your 817 too. I’m out in N. Arlington btw

I almost never PW fences. I tell them about the halos and they still want transparent so I’ll provide it to them. 9.25%? Where are you getting your SH? I never hit wood with straight SH. It removes pigment but it also strips out the lignin and creates chemical furring. Might be interested in the wands.

Pretty sure it was 9.25%, it was the Home Depot HDX jazz. Both fence builders I stained for wanted me to hassle with getting it from there so it could go on their pro accounts. To be honest nobody cared about the light damage to the wood. They just looked the next day and said “ahhhh pretty”. I did about 7 fences a day I didn’t have the time to do anything else. About $2800 a week and I hated every minute of it, especially 15 mph wind. Just quit wiping poles down, rinse them with a hose and you’ll be straight lol

I have a fourth one hiding somewhere. Should be two 24" one 36" and a 48"

7 a day? Your a lot younger than I am…lol I do one to three but I charge more than a lot of the others I know. They get more jobs but I make more per job so I’m good.
The 15 mph days I usually cancel staining for that day and just clean. I looked in my trailer and I have more than I realized. Might be interested in the 48" as a back up.

@MDA1775 When I build one of those pumps we were talking about I didn’t even think about the gun used to spray. Do you think these would be a good investment for me or should I look for something else?

They usually run 85-115.00 so if his price is reasonable then yes. Those wands can be rebuilt. If you are doing primarily decks then the 2’ will get it done for you. I use the 4’ wand for tall fences to stay off the ladder. I did an 8 foot fence sitting on a 4 ft rock wall yesterday without ladder. Any taller and it would have been up and down all day.

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Let me in on what you guys were talking about building in the way of stain pumps. I should have a new Pumptec plunger pump head kicking around and a few 1/4" hydraulic quick disconnects :slight_smile:

Looking to build a setup this winter from scratch. Care to PM a price on the wands?

Scott’s building the spray rig but I am curios about the Pumptec pump. The make a number of them in different PSI output’s and votages. Which do you have?

It’s a replacement head for that sprayer. The motors are cheap enough and you’d just need a gauge, 1/4" ball valve and a regulator.

Pumptec 114T 12V Pump

1.15 gpm, 200 psi

1/2" HB Inlet, (2) 3/8" HB Outlets & 3/8" HB Bypass

Max Amp Draw 15, Max Fluid Temp 140 Degrees F

Thanks. I use a little higher GPM but I am sure that works fine too. Looks like a well made pump.