Dryvit washing Lexington KY

Recent building washing project. Dryvit.


Very nice Michael. The building looks great. Dryvit cleaning yields amazing before n afters. Just look at the portico.

How long it take to do this job? I’m assuming a lift was used? Great work by the way.

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I have a similar job coming up. That’s why I asked.

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This was one of three buildings. This particular building was washed on one day and windows the next. 86 foot lift as the rear of building was 6 stories and limited access to one side. About 24 total hours.

Great work, Thanks for info.

Did you softwash it or downstream it?

The darker areas needed to be applied with fatboy pump but the rest was down-streamed.

Hey Mike-Looks great. Do you ever x-jet?

I have an x jet but it sucks. Mostly a back up if all my down-streamers quit working at the same time. Simply not an efficient tool. It’s only positive is a high draw rate. A fatboy will do the same and more efficient. The high pressure from x jet also undesirable.

what is a fat boy besides me

awsome work

Absolutely spotless! Great job

Looks great, Michael! Really stark before and after pics.