Dryvit, Stucco cleaning Northern Virginia - Fairfax, VA

Here is dryvit that was cleaned by us, 7/8 years of mold/runoff on this church, using soft washing methods. Gainesville, VA


nice work Trey, I’ll bet they were very happy with the results

They were extremely happy with how it turned out…we did about 20 of those pillars and a couple of the walls, in a couple years we are going back to maintain so they don’t get as bad.

Just wondering what mix this was with?


[MENTION=7146]TreyWinslow[/MENTION] was that dryvit or stucco?

if stucco amazing because I don’t think it could get that clean it would have stained to much.

It’s Dryvit and it was a strong mix of SH and brushed on.

looking good!