Dryvit didn't clean up too good

This dryvit didn’t clean up from Downstreaming…How do I add photos???

Downstreaming sometimes isn’t enough for dryvit. Literally tons of info already on this.

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Good luck downloading photos. Its below the big PITA ANNOYING blue button on the left. To ANNOYING ?? Ask @Chris ta help ya. He likes calls @ 0200

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I thought it was below that blue circle but it won’t allow me to get around the blue circle app!!!

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Yeah. Great, Ain’t it ?

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No, it stinks because I can’t seem to get underneath that blue button!!

Ask @garry.cooper , he’s got a fix to move it.

Search washing stucco. You’ll find a ton of info on how to clean dryvit.

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Ya need a 12v set up to get a hotter chem mix dude. Or cheap X jet. But it’s a PITA

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If you’re on mobile, turn your phone sideways and it gives you an extra tiny little bit you can try to hit with your finger. Takes a few times

You need 12 machine

Bout sums it up.

Thank God we were hired to paint it for 9k!

It worked!!!

Hit it with about 3%-4%. Might take a couple times. If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have an xjet or 12v I’d see if there’s a roof access or use a ladder and just use a pump up. I

Were you just (DYING )to get there to paint it ?


It’s creepy working at a funeral home. They’re often in the news nowadays for creepy things…However, these seem like decent people.

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I’d upsell embalming fluid to preserve the paint…

As stated, a quick search on here of how to wash stucco and dryvit will show you what you need to know to do the job right. There is one wacko on here somewhere that claims you can DS all stucco… don’t listen to him lol.

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You joke but it would blend with latex paint… but doubt it would improve the smell any.

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