Driveway paint removal

Kind of a strange request but a condo association I do a lot of work for had a tenant who painted the driveway and now wants it removed because it is very slippery. Don’t ask why or what their reasoning for paining the driveway was because I have no idea. Planning on walking away but if there is something else I should consider I would like some input if anyone has any thank you

You will never get it all off . They will never be happy with the outcome. Once you paint a driveway the only thing you can do is repaint it when needed. You can add grit to the paint to help with it being slippery.


Concrete scarifier, recream.

Or…Or, etch the crap out of it until its gone, they would possibly be ok with that. Uniformly of course. Maybe that sounds bad, but they may want it iff that bad and its a cheap alternative. Get it in writing.
This just may be bad because its not in the scope of power washing.

Keep walking


Thats what i thought lol thnx

When I started out, I would agree to these type of jobs… I always lost my butt on them and never achieved full removal! And was always left with less than a satisfied coustomer.

I just walk away now and I stick to what I do best CLEANING

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I really wanted to put a jackhammer gif but this one is much better haha


That’s a classic. What busts me up is that his right hand is rock steady until he grabs the beer bottle. Then it starts shaking along with the other one. I’ve got a feeling he can’t pat his head and rub his belly at the same time, either…


Just had a client ask me to remove the old somewhat failing paint from his driveway so that he can match it with the new concrete. Here’s a pic, would you say that this probably won’t all come off either? I thought that the only way it might work is to use the turbo nozzle but I’m not sure if that would even do it.

You will never get it all off . Once you paint a driveway the only thing you can do is repaint . Remember concrete is a sponge. Everything gets below the surface.
Turbo nozzle off all loose paint so the home owner can paint it what ever color they want


Sandblast. But not even worth your trouble.