Driveway cleaned the right way but with stripes?

Alright, guys. I feel like I did this the right way and got the wrong results.

I pre-treated with 3-4% SH and surfactant.

I cleaned with a whisper wash ultra 16" using a 4gpm, 4,000 psi, with 2502 tips.

I post-treated with 5-6% SH and surfactant. (I went a little hot on the post-treatment because I wanted to make sure the lines I was seeing when it was wet, wouldn’t be there when it dried.)

I went back today to see how it looks and it doesn’t look great at all. :frowning:

However, the sidewalk and back patio look fine. Same method used.

What did I do wrong? I feel like I researched, read and gathered the info from you all and was set-up to do a great job. In fact, after stumbling across this site in August, I put the job off for awhile knowing I needed the right equipment and knowledge and didn’t have it. Maybe I still don’t. :man_shrugging: (And, yes, I plan to fix it.)

[note: The tire marks happened AFTER I cleaned, post-treated and left the job site. A roofing company vehicle turned around in the driveway and left the marks. smh.]

I personally think you went to fast. But I’m gonna shut my pie hole and let the flat work gurus give you there wisdom, and sit back and learn something myself.

Firstly, go watch @Racer’s YouTube video on driveway cleaning. His channel is ProClean Exteriors. You’ll learn a lot.

Secondly, and this is in the video, ALWAYS go perpendicular to the line of sight.

Here’s the link:


Don’t you mean perpendicular :thinking:

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Also, I agree with @Hotshot. You likely went too fast. This is why we always tell guys to get a 5.5gpm or better. They allow you to fly through flatwork and rinsing. You really have to take your time with a 4gpm. I’ve never had a machine that small so I have no clue on the tips but did you reference the tip chart to make sure that’s what you needed? Of course, do a bucket test and find out exactly what flow you’re getting before referring to the chart and go from there.

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It took me about 45 minutes to actually clean the driveway.

So that should help people to see if that was too fast or not. From the rented surface cleaners I’ve used before, it seemed like I could’ve gone quicker and was actually holding myself back with the Whisper Wash.

Yes. Sorry I’m dumb. Or as Rick tells me I’m “slow”.

I found that video in my research and had it on my To Do list. And apparently should’ve moved it closer to the top.


Ugh. Great point. Some things are so obvious, they’re not so obvious.


I’m not a smart man, but I what loving pizza is ;>)

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When I called Pressure Tek to place the order for the Whisper Wash I told them my set-up and that I wanted to make sure I had the right tips. They said 2502 was right.

I don’t remember what thread it was in but we listed off a half dozen or more channels of guys on this forum. If you can find that you’ll have a full weekend of watching to do. The ones I remember are:


I don’t remember all of their channel names but hopefully they’ll chime in with them.


Be careful. If The Innocent One hears that you like pizza he’ll think even less of you than he already does. Which is surprisingly feasible.

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I wanted to start a YouTube channel too but all of the guys on here would be commenting asking me to take my shirt off because they all think I’m gorgeous. It’s hard being pretty.

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lol, I quit caring long ago what folks think about me. Some like, some dont, oh well :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m with you there. Thankfully, I was born with a busted giveadamn so at least I’ve got that going for me.

@garry.cooper is good people. The original poster went to fast, in the wrong direction. Pizza is made like a frisbee to make it easier to throw in the trash


Ha, mine got knocked out of me when my dad taught me how to take a punch…i hate typing with my thumbs!

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Do you have a YouTube channel, Mr. Cooper? There’s a young lad that could benefit from it.