Driveway Clean

Did a basic driveway clean with the new tips 25025 that @Racer recommended for me. I think it turned out good and didn’t leave any stripes this time!

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Nice job, Jack.

Looks good. Just for the record, I don’t make this stuff up, lol.

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Thank you

Thanks …. You ain’t wrong lol

Can you link me the tips? I was surface cleaning today and I also saw I left some lines.

I have a 3400 PSI 2.5 GPM pressure washer, hammer head surface cleaner. I think I have to go extra slow with my surface cleaner to not leave lines.

And by tips you mean the tips that go on the bottom of the surface cleaner that I would have to replace?

Correct, the two nozzle tips on the bottom of the surface cleaner.

How many inches is your surface cleaner? And what size nozzle tips are you using right now on the surface cleaner? @Narcos

I think it’s about 18" and no idea they are the standard ones that came with the surface cleaner.

I just learned this is a thing, that you can change the nozzle tips lol

Well you are def going to get some swirl makes bc you are using a 18 inch surface cleaner on a 2.5 gpm machine. It is recommended to have 4 inches for every gallon per minute machine you have. So 2.5 x 4 = 10 so i would use a 12 inch surface cleaner as 18 is definitely way too much and will leave stripes.

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I have a hard enough time with my 3.5 gpm pushing a 15” surface cleaner. I can only imagine how slow you’d have to go to clean some of the nasty concrete.

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I have a 4gpm one and it was working pretty decently but that washer leaks and is a bit** to turn on so I’m using this 2.5gpm one.

It’s decent but surface cleaning is slow, I’ll be upgrading to a 5.5gpm one next year.

Upgrade now and save yourself the time and headache and the machine will pay for itself in less than a week if you’re even remotely busy.

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Skip the 5.5 and spring for the 8gpm.

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Looks great. We got a pretty powerful pressure washer that allows us to pressure wash driveways here in cape coral florida (which is approximately 20x50) in like 5 mins. Were runing 18.5 gpm at 4000 psi with a 5ft surface cleaner , 4 passes and done, however weve be offering pressure cleaning services for over 10 years. Anyways great pictures.

Full video Fastest Driveway Cleaning EVER! Cape Coral Fort Myers & SWFL # 1 Pressure Washing Company by #AHCM - YouTube

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