Drilling out Xjet

It occurred to me I’m still using the smallest #7 orifice with my 4gpm machine. As I rinse off with it, I should probably go larger. What drill bit size do you guys use to equate with a #9?

Just buy the right size tip and be done with it.simple yet most effective

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That is correct sir

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Sorry, a little confused.

Can anyone verify if the #13 is 5/64"? The #7 measures 1/16".

Edit: Broke out the calipers, .076" is 5/64". Thanks!

This chart has the nozzle sizes in thousandths and mm:

5/64 = .078125. Closer to 9.5 nozzle. But probably close enough.


I drilled with the 5/64", going to practice with it on my house tomorrow on my 4gpm machine. I’ll report back if it works.

5/64 is .078" pretty much

Welp, I tested it this evening drilled out to 5/64" and it works fine with my 4gpm machine. I really do need to do the mod though, sure does mist a lot.