Drawing chem

Good afternoon. I have a Simpson 2.5 GPM 3300 psi machine. I’ve been having trouble with drawing chemicals, whether it be from a x jet M5 or the downstream injector on the machine. When I connect the x jet the pressure goes in and out. It’s the same when I connect the black nozzle to dispense soap from downstream. When I use the white, green, yellow, or red, the flow is fine. What can I do to solve this problem?

Is this a new machine? Or just a new problem?

New problem

I spent 10 minutes on a job last weekend trying to figure out why my downstream injector wasn’t pulling from the batch mix tank. I suspected the check ball in the injector itself but no luck there. Turns out it was the poly hose that had finally cracked about halfway down the line and was drawing air.


I assume: No, but were you not able to see the tube drawing bubbles?

I see nothing.

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When I change to a lower pressure nozzle, machine start to jump

If that’s in reference to me, no, I did not see any bubbles. I had pulled all equipment out of the truck over the week and had just put it back in the night before the wash. My particular set up I pull my batch mix through my downstream injector via a poly braided hose about 5 feet in length. The hose goes up to the top of a 15 gallon drum and then arcs down into the drum with a 10 inch long pvc pipe and strainer at the end of the hose. To flush my injector/hoses/gun at the end of a wash job I simply lift the poly braided hose out of the 15 gallon drum and into a 5 gallon carboy with water in it. I guess after two years of moving the hose back and forth it finally cracked up near the arc. But because I had just reassembled all the equipment the night before, all the lines were dry. The crack in the line was significant enough that it wouldn’t even attempt to pull the batch mix up. Fortunately, a spare poly braided hose was readily available in the cab of the truck and I was back up and running two minutes later.

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Ok when you say ‘pressure goes in and out’, can you elaborate? Thats a homeowner grade machine so it may not be doing you very good service.

Whenever I switch to the soap Nozzle or x jet, the pressure washer start pulsating. But when switch to the white tip on up, everything is fine .

And Will not draw chemicals

Perhaps you have the wrong sized nozzles?

Take a video, post it to YouTube, share link here. In the video, show the whole set up so we can see what all you are working with.

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Bad injector, unloader may be failing, if you have a throttle is it all the way up? Did you add additional hose which can cause it not to draw chems.

I would start with the injector. That probably has a built in injector on the manifold. All Injectors have a limited life span. You could remove the injector nipple from the pump manifold and insert a plug. Then buy a replaceable downstream injector to just plug into your pressure line. But really that machine is just for homeowners to piddle with. Most of my customers own stuff like that. But its hard to make any money using it “professionally.”

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