Drain cover/protector

I need to purchase a drain protector to cover the drains to make sure no water goes down and reclaim it with my vacuum. We used one by a brand called pig at a large commercial job that they actually had on site. It worked incredibly well but the thing was ridiculously expensive $600 for a 24 in.². I found this one (see pic) it is much than the pig brand but still pricy. does anybody have any ideas on how to make drain covers for much cheaper? It seems like they are just flexible urethanes…

A piece of polyurethane slapped over a drain? What am i missing here?

@Seandz you could try something like this (see link below) heavy duty polyurethane tarp just like @MuscleMyHustle had mentioned. You could also just create a dam around the drain with a tarp and maybe some cinder blocks and suck up the water when you think you need to. I’m just spit balling here. I haven’t had to cover a ground drain like that before, just a curb drain and it was more for debris not the water. I used some chicken wire like material. Worked well for what it was.

I’ve been looking at these for a while but couldn’t believe how much they cost! @VPW2021 thanks for the suggestion, I checked it out I think that is a great tarp that I may get for other uses but it only being 12 mils probably too thin. These covers are 1/4” thick. @MuscleMyHustle yes that’s what I was thinking! Maybe it’s because they are tacky? And my guess is they are inflated in price due to playing on the fear card, $10,000 fine here in Cali for letting clean tap water to gown the drain (chlorine bad for the fish) should start a business making these for $100 I’ll get rich!

I guess you are talking about these

New pig is a specialty manufacturer and their claim to fame on this is that it is * DuPont Elvaloy technology provides lifelong flexibility plus chemical, UV and infrared light resistance to vinyl top

Look, I am partial to stuff made in the U.S. and more importantly stuff made in PA. New PIG is definetly pricey stuff, but there is a reason companies continue to bulk order their stuff from around the world even though they are 2-3 times as much as the chinese knockoffs. Their items are reliable and provide peace of mind. This item is supposed to seal itself.

I agree that a piece of chemically resistant heavyweight plastic and some bricks would work. I am more frugal than most, so I would probably opt for rubber roofing and blocks/bricks with a sump and maybe some berms/dikes. New pig sells dikes too.

I do not own stock in new pig.

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I love New Pig, except they send an email like everyday.

Sean, See what your sign guy would charge to make you to make a make a 24" sign like for your truck. They’re magnetic so that would help hold to grate. Probably no more than $50 each and then you’d have your name on them. See if he has a little heavier duty one.


Yeah I tried the pig brand at a big commercial job where they owned one themselves. I was really impressed with how well the thing worked, I thought to myself oh yeah I should get one of these looked it up and I was like holy crap $600 for 36in.² square! I just ordered the drain blocker 2 , 54” one for $387. It’s made in US also but I am going to try @Racer brilliant idea also for more covers. Except it better work because if it doesn’t then they’re gonna know exactly who to give the ticket to lol


Maybe put them on face down until you’re sure?.. :rofl:


You can also get blank magnet material…

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For the town I work for I joke about keeping door magnets of the surrounding towns that we can throw on the doors in the event we do anything “questionable”.


Yes for my sign business we joked about getting a magnet of a competitor who’s kind of a d-bag and put it on then drive like an a hole lol

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