Dragon juice vs EBC

Anyone have any experience with the 2 and what is a better degreaser? Dont have a hot water machine and having trouble with oil spots on driveways. Any help would be great

We have used both, In my opinion EBC is equally as good if not better than the Dragon. And the cost difference is substantial, favoring EBC. We use EBC

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Thanks for the response Brett. Been watching a few YouTube videos on EBC and it looks to good to be true. Without using hot water, do u feel thats the best option for oil spills?

EBC is what we use and I think it works fantastic ! We do have hot water though and that really makes a difference too.Oil spots are difficult and if they have been there awhile I do not know of any chemical that removes 100% completely.We never guarantee 100% removal. Under promise, over deliver! I have heard others recommending:BT200 & Rekrete
I personally have not had an opportunity to use either but they both look/sound like great products! And others highly recommed.


Great info Brett! Ill check them out and also give EBC a try

After throughly using both EBC & Dragon Juice I Feel necessary to update an old post. Dragon Juice IMO is a superior product. Not only is the juice a better degreaser/detergent but the support given directly from Andy Vickers is incredible. He has offered “old tricks” that are NOT available in any forum or FB group that are what are needed for stubborn stains.Dragon Juice is our goto cleaner used in all of our soap mixes! Thanks Andy Vickers!


What are these old tricks!