Drafting a memo for residents

I’m washing a 9 building condo complex and the property manager seems kinda oblivious so I want to be sure the residents get the right info passed on to them. Just throwing some of my thoughts out there. If you have anything to add please point it out. This is all roughly drafted and I’ll likely re word it but you get the idea I’m sure. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  1. Remove any personal property from porches, patios, etc or it will be washed in place or skipped all together.
  2. Close all windows and doors.
  3. If cars are left near buildings they will likely be contacted with over spray and have water spots from rinsing. If you chose to leave your car near the building then have windows up. We are not responsible for washing cars.
  4. A safety cone will be placed in front of your door while washing is taking place. Please look out of window before exiting.

Do residents have a back door? If so, I’d advise them to exit through the other door if they see the cone

In my experience, windows should also be locked, and I include that in my pre-service checklist. It’s a good way of verifying that they are closed all the way.

And I’d also see if it would be possible to require tenants to move their cars away from the buildings. Just one less thing to worry about. I’ve read of some people having to pay to have cars professionally detailed due to their mix drying on them.


@Infinity Good suggestions, I’ll edit it to be worded as shut and locked. There is a back exit. My plan of attack was to wash both sides at the same time with two machines running. I’d prefer them to just stay inside for the 15 minutes it will take to clear their door but I know how people are. Maybe I’ll word it a bit harsher. “If cone is present then chemicals are present. Please stay inside. We are not responsible for bleaching your clothes”

I think its roof mix that causes the real problems. I get my house wash mix on my tundra daily. A quick $6 drive thru car wash and it looks good as new. I would prefer them to not be near the building but parking is limited and streets are crowded. I doubt that would be possible.

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On second thoughts I could just as easily tag team the same side so they could exit through the rear.

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Here is my take. I do not put out notices. If you take it upon yourself to word it and miss something(ie bring in pet alligator) and something(dead alligator) happens, you are responsible. If management or HOA member doesn’t put out notices to move stuff or close windows, it’s less that I have to wash for the same price.


It wouldn’t hurt to let them know the time and date(s). Use blanket statements like, “please remove fragile/valuable items and pets away from work area(s)”, “not responsible for damages caused by failure to move such items”.

I like acting in good faith.

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I’m with him…I don’t do notices, I’ll pass along info to the HOA or the management company but that’s it and most of the time they forget to put out notices

Whether you do notices or not there will be stuff left on the decks and a few windows open.


I’m not delivering notices myself. I’m telling the PM what information I would like to relay to the residents regarding days of scheduled work. I do see you and ibs point though

Did a 7 unit job on Friday, one tenant asked me not to wash the rear alcove because they didn’t have time to move stuff and that they would clean it themselves prior to painting the next week-yeah right.
Two other tenants actually moved stuff and here’s the others efforts.
Management notified all and followed up a couple of days prior. Lol

Looks about right. That’s how people are. Same concept as caution tape and cones. Not quite sure why I’m still putting it up other then to cover myself.

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