Does anyone out there downstream with 200’ hose?

All the time, some times 300 feet

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^^Plus one.

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Downstreaming is the way to go!

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Thx! Thought maybe that was a bit too long.

I’m having trouble downstreaming with 200ft. I have a 4 gal @ 4,000psi. Also using the correct tip for it. What am I doing wrong?

He does 300 feet, you do 301 feet.

Literal one-upmanship in action

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You machine pushes a very small volume small and is losing too much pressure over the distance to activate the Venturi in the downstream gizmo

So maybe stick to something like 100ft or maybe 150ft?

Your 4gpm should be able to pull soap. What gpm is the wand you are using rated at? Also what tip are you using exactly? Try changing out the injector and using another one and see what happens


I’m using the wand and tips the machine came with. I believe os the black tip but I’ll check again tomorrow.

Make sure the injector is rated for the correct flow…that could be your problem and also maybe it needs cleaned…I had mine the other day would draw soap with my low but when I switched to my high nozzle it wouldn’t draw

Before you do anything else, call or email Bob at PressureTek and talk to him.

If you are having trouble drawing, drop down a size in injector rating or
install injector further down the length of hose you are running.