Downstreaming Stronger Mixes

So is there anyway to downstream higher chemical ratios than 10:1? Say if I wanted to downstream 10.5% SH and I wanted my final result to be coming out higher than 1.05%, is there any way I can do that with an injector? I’m sure its been explained somewhere on this forum, and if it has please direct me to the specific forum, but I’ve searched for several hours and still haven’t found the answer I’m looking for.

You can force feed injectors with a 12v pump. Reportedly you can get similar ratios as an xjet doing that.

Stronger SH always helps. I think mine is somewhere around 15% when I order it.

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@Infinity Are you getting that from your local pool store? The highest I’ve ever seen was 12.5, around my parts 10.5 is the strongest unfortunately.

Yeah, I get it delivered by a pool supplier. The labels will say 12.5%, but the invoice always says 15%. Most SH is manufactured at 15%, but they label it as 12.5% because of how quickly it degrades.


@Infinity Okay that makes a lot of sense, thanks for your help!

My supplier said the same @Infinity 15% fresh on Wednesday’s.