Downstreaming sodium hypochlorite

why is it that one wouldnt downstream sh onto the roof with a pressure washer? would the higher dilution ratio of bleach coming into the injector and through the hoses and gun cause damage?

Tim, I think you mean sodium hypochlorite. The solution wouldn’t be strong enough and you would have a lot of overspray.

You need 3-4% sh to clean a roof. If your downstream injector is 10:1 the strongest solution you can get on the roof is 1.2%.

I did mean sodium hypochlorite, I used chrome autofill. My bad

Thanks for the info

Hello everyone. Just downstreamed Sodium hydroxide on a roof last week called Supper Roof Bright. Worked well but had to rinse with mild pressure. I have finally come to the conclusion that bleach with additive is truly the best for almost everything. Took a long time. Time for a big chem pump and a tank. Looking for the holy grail of no rinse with no worry. Thanks to all for your knowlage and openness.

Do you have a link to that product?

Hey Chris. I think my local dealer gets theirs from The only other dounstreamable sodium hydroxide I’ve found is powersolve at the sealer strore. Hope this helps.

Hydroxide dissolves and eats oil…shingles are asphalt. That is a bad combination.