Downstreaming Red Raider

I have a 30,000sf car wash coming up that is covered in grease and grime. I wasn’t able to take pictures but rather than pump spray ebc or the purple stuff on all the grease. I was thinking of running bleach through valve 1 then degreaser through valve 2. I’ve heard russ’s product is gentle enough for Housewash but tough enough to clean gas stations. Am I going in the right direction?

We clean automatic car wash bays downstreaming raider and elbow grease. Works with cold water but better with hot. 10-1ish

F9 is pretty useful In A spray bottle 50/50 for the really stubborn stains. 20190623_064619


I used this on an auto wash bay a few days ago. Strong stuff but worked great on fiberglass board (FRP), glass, plastic…
Mix 3:1 or 5:1 in a pump up sprayer, apply to surface, let dwell 30 seconds, rinse with moderate pressure.

They maintain the bay most is self wash and vacuum. This is a fairly new carwash on an old sonic lot. It’s all sidewalks curbs and pads and the drive thru should make for a nice summer day or night :+1:

Not sure if this is allowed or not on this page.

Contact Bobby Figg on facebook. He is out of Illinois and does this kind of work. I’ve talked with him multiple times and he is down to earth and willing to help someone that may need a little push in the right direction.

Good return on car washes, or more bill for hourly?
A noticed today there are a lot of them around here, but hadn’t thought about cleaning.