Downstreaming paint


Depends if it is fish oil or linseed oil based paint. Fish oil streaks


I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has had this problem before.

First, you need to put a 5’er of your paint into the buffer tank.
(make sure you use enamel paint)
Then drop your DS injector hose into a gallon can of thinner.
( that may not be enough sometimes, so you may need an extra gallon of thinner on your X-jet at the end)
Just make sure you have someone follow you up with a roller to get rid of any streaks or running.

You got this.

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The only time I use an ejector and an xjet together is when I’m doing a roof over, especially with trailer roofs because you really need a thick cover. But again using the xjet leads to runs on a wall, then you have to get out a roller… That’s counter productive. I am impressed that you found a way to use enamal that would come in handy to the fleet guys. Get an infared heater and you could bake that enamel right onto the trucks and trailers…


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This thread is waay off track! @BuzzLightyear all you need is a 12 volt pump. Haven’t you ever heard of an HVLP sprayer? Painters should have learned to use 12 volts years ago. I repainted a house just yesterday with a 12 volt, and I’m sure the homeowner will be happy to see it when he gets home.

I’ll post a picture of the house shortly.

(Only problem is that, since the 12 volts aren’t “designed” for paint, you have to change them out after every 2-3 gallons of paint, or take the head off and replace the diaphragm with dolphin skin one, which lets you pump about 5 gallons before it’s toast… It’s kind of a hassle, but it still saved me almost $23.00 over hiring a “professional” painter)


Here’s the house I painted…Only took like 2 hours of actual paint time, but ended up taking 17 hours because of all the pump change-outs.


Oh well…the picture won’t post for some reason…It was a 25,000 square foot mansion.