Downstreaming paint


So I messed up and used the wrong chemicals in my house wash mix. The house wall is all damaged and has weird drip lines stained into the paint.

The customer is sooo angry and I need to fix this ASAP.

I can get cheap paint from a buddy. Can I run paint thru my downstream injector instead of paying a painter? There’s way too much damage to fix it with a paint brush. Downstreaming paint would be fast like a spray gun, right???


Depends what ur paint:thinner ratio is. If u dont thin it enough your pump will lock up


It will only pull from paint can if you have injector at water inlet before the pump.


Buzz, you can’t be serious. You’re jerking our chain. Hell no. And how the heck did you mess up your chemicals?


What chemical did you spray on the house? And ask your buddy with the cheap paint if he knows where to get a cheap sprayer… although you may be beyond the repair stage and into the replace stage depending on the chem


I want to use waterbased paint. And pick it up with the downstream injector, not thin the paint and put it in my tank.

I know it will be a bit diluted but maybe it will be enough to hide the damage??


Best option is to use aerosol paint and spray directly into injector


Or you could just upstream it. Heat from pump would help liquify it more.:joy:


Don’t listen to these hacks. Use the powdered paint.


they sell special dolphin hair brushes at the home depot now


Could u just use the units as a “powder sprayer” and powder coat the house?


I’d love to by a fly on the wall when some new guy reads this thread in about 5 years from now.


If he goes that route he’ll need this to cure it.


@squidskc where do I get powdered paint? I’ve only seen the glow in the dark stuff as powder


pool stores that don’t sell the liquid paint.


Don’t use an xjet for paint they clog up. Use a rotary nozzle, it actually mixes the paint as it sprays it. If you use oil based paint it will lube up your PW pump for winter…


Good tip. Bookmarked.


Best answer yet!


Bahahaha! Never a dull moment at this place…


Hey Greg good to hear from someone with some actual experience with this problem. Thanks mate.

So if I use oil based paint via downstream injector… will the rotary nozzle mix it up enough? Or will it separate when it hits the house and go streaky.

I need an urgent answer pls